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About the Narangba Innovation Precinct

Narangba Innovation Precinct (NiP) is an initiative supported by Regional Development Australia (RDA) Moreton Bay QLD, a collective comprised of various businesses located in the Narangba industrial and commercial areas.

This visionary collective is endeavouring to position Narangba as the Moreton Bay Region’s leading technological powerhouse through the development of a thriving, world-class hub of innovation, a state-of-the-art centre unrivalled by all other South-East Queensland catchments.

The Narangba Innovation Precinct (formerly known as the Narangba Industrial Estate) is quickly establishing itself as an advanced, environmentally sustainable

modern epicentre brimming with attractive job prospects for locals. NiP is progressive; embracing and leveraging the latest technology to ensure the area’s ongoing prosperity for future generations by fuelling the local economy through bolstering business investment, modernising the local industrial landscape through the creation of cutting-edge engineering facilities, as well as fostering collaboration and co-operation between the area’s stakeholders; small businesses, schools and the Narangba community media.

Moving Narangba Forward

To continue its forward propulsion NiP has identified the need to adopt a sustainable governance and support model with less reliance and emphasis placed upon government funding.

Narangba Innovation

History & Evolution

Comprised of approximately 30 local businesses, the Narangba Business Group has been functioning in an informal capacity since December 2014. This collective has been meeting regularly and forming close-knit business partnerships to actively work towards elevating the profile and improving the performance of the Narangba Industrial Estate and in so doing deliver immeasurable benefits to the catchment area’s approximate 200 businesses, 2000 employees and 100+ apprentices and trainees.

This forward-thinking group provides a platform to facilitate interaction between all Narangba small businesses abiding by the ethos ‘collaborating to compete’ and striving towards addressing business challenges such as energy expenses, as well as working towards leveraging commercial opportunities including tendering to strengthen the local business community and position Narangba to seize future economic development opportunities as they arise.

The rebranded Narangba Innovation Precinct (renamed as of September 2015) is moving ahead successfully, going from strength-to-strength since early 2015 thanks to the collaboration of these former Industrial Estate businesses. Their efforts to ensure future job creation opportunities abound for the local Narangba community is bearing fruit and maximising the collective performance of this crucial Moreton Bay Region catchment area.

NiP recognises federal Government funding and the facilitation and support provided by Regional Development Australia (RDA) Moreton Bay QLD and Moreton Bay Region Industry and Tourism (MBRIT) is largely to thank for its onwards and upwards trajectory to date.

Bob Harvey
Ridley Aqua-Feed
These companies generate much of the wealth and employment in our local area, and hence are vitally important for the community. They provide future opportunities for Narangba’s growing population, particularly that of our growing school children population.
Katy More
Owner, OurNarangba.com.au
RDA Moreton Bay has connected us with larger businesses within the community at a much faster rate than we would have ever achieved on our own. The ripple effect of which has a massive impact on the Moreton Bay Community as a whole.
Kayleen Thompson
Owner, Pakton Technologies
The RDA initiative (Narangba business group) that I have become involved with has brought together a different group of businesses for very different reasons. The pool of knowledge and knowhow and contacts is a wonderful resource made possible through the RDA initiative. I look forward to more great things to come from this group.

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